GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute
       A unit of Pataka Industries Pvt. Ltd.
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Is this hospital only for diabetic patients?
No. Our founder has a vision to give focus on diabetic disorders. We also provide service in other major medical specialities, e.g. Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Surgery, Orthopedics etc.
What about eye and dental:
Yes, we do provide service to eye and dental patients in our modern well equipped eye and dental clinics.
Do you have endoscopy facilities:
Yes, we provide very good endoscopy services. At present we mainly undertake diagnostic procedures. But in future we are planning to provide therapeutic procedures, (e.g. removal of stones from common bile duct, putting stent in common bile duct, dilatation of oesophagus and inserting stent in oesophagus etc.
Do you perform all the blood tests in your hospital?
We are making arrangements for performing all the tests in our hospital. The tests which we are unable to perform are being sent to other renowned laboratories.
There is sometimes delay in getting the reports. Why:
Sometimes the reading for the tests performed takes times and that delays the reporting.
How do we make appointments?
We are trying to improve our appointment system. At the present moment the patient has to come to the hospital and seek the help of our front desk which will assist you in finding the type of service you need. You will then be given the choice of consultants with their time slot. Sometimes you may have to wait for a while before your chosen consultant arrives in the clinic. Your co-operation is solicited in this matter.
What are the consultation charges?
We have two systems of consultation. The morning clinic are called hospital clinics. In these clinics which run between 8.00 to 1400 hours, the charges are fixed by the hospital and you pay them before the consultation. The other clinic is premium clinic. This is sort of a private clinic and the consultation charges are fixed by the consultants themselves.
Do you have any screening program?

At present we do not have many screening clinics. But we are seriously looking into the possibility. However we do have screening program for diabetic patients. You need to come in the empty stomach. We will start performing the tests so that you are not starved for too long. The consultant will see you before you leave the clinic.
However you will have the option of choosing the consultant and make an appointment with the consultant you want to have the treatment under.